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Beyond Blackjack Woods by Ashlen Brown

Beyond Blackjack Woods

Written by: Ashlen Brown

Available In: eBook|Paperback

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Ever since Jim Thomas found Charlie, he has wanted to help him find his brother and sister.  Long shot as it is, he's hopeful, especially with Shawna Pepper and her friends helping.  The problem?  His siblings are a couple of the most elusive species on the planet.  Still, the humans are trying their best to find the hairy duo. 

Finally, all of their hard work looks like it's paying off.  They've found a promising place, with sightings of two bigfoot—a male and a female.  Now they have to get everyone there to investigate—no small feat with a few of the hairy guys.  Once there, Jim will have to let go of his worries, and they all will find it more difficult than they ever imagined.

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