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Dead Priest at Gator's Pond by J. C. Quinn

Dead Priest at Gator's Pond

Written by: J. C. Quinn

Available In: eBook|Paperback

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A Catholic priest is found tortured and murdered in the small Florida town of Gator’s Pond. The local police report that a drifter confessed to the priest’s murder before hanging himself in the police station lockup. The dead priest’s brother, U.S. Army Ranger Captain Frank Book, does not believe the Gator’s Pond Police and goes to Gator’s Pond to find out what really happened to his brother. Book comes face to face with a danger unlike anything he had encountered while fighting for his country in Iraq and Afghanistan. He discovers a detailed plan calling for the mass killing of innocent Americans. The very survival of the United States of America will depend on what Frank Book does in Gator’s Pond. But can the army ranger captain succeed against those intent on killing him? And should he trust the one person in Gator’s Pond who says that she wants to help him? Or is the woman just masking her true intentions and really wanting Book dead? Find the answers to these questions and more in Dead Priest at Gator’s Pond.

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