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The Puzzle by Peggy Edelheit

The Puzzle

Written by: Peggy Edelheit

Available In: eBook|Paperback

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I had to make a decision, but I didn't know at the time my future and life hung in the balance with my choice. Do I continue making excuses for inaction and accept my fate? Or do I set in motion something that sort of scared the hell out of me; go back to Highlands, North Carolina and solve the puzzle of who killed my husband, Stephen? But once there, I find that I am caught up in a web of intrigue, lies and cover-ups and end up in my own novel. Even as an author, my laptop couldn’t type me out of this one. I had to finish writing my book without the benefit of knowing how all of it would end until I wrote the last page. I had two unanswered questions. Where was the missing piece that completed my puzzle? And would I live to write about it?

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