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Sans Souci - French for Without Worry by Billie Bierer

Sans Souci - French for Without Worry

Written by: Billie Bierer

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: http://www.billiebierer.com/

Jacqueline Roget is a French/American widow who is afraid to fall in love. Even after meeting the most desirable highway patrolman she’s ever seen. Forgotten is the ticket he gives her for speeding. She has three precocious children, two of which are constantly fixing her up with undesirables and one who wants nothing to do with any new man in their lives. Then Grandmere and Grandpere show up from Canada and before she knows it, Jacqueline has more trouble on her hands because Grandmere has invited an old, rich friend along thinking that Jacqueline needs stability. Like Juan Claude has ever been stable. Oh, yes he has a stable − of women. But suddenly Juan Claude is in love with Jacqueline’s maid and she can’t think of anything but the patrolman, Ben Perez. If only she wasn’t so afraid of falling in love.

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