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Where folks marry 'til death do them part, and the sugary aroma of pralines faintly hangs in the air, lays a remote Louisiana parish called Boggy. Evil? A romantic spirit? A garrulous, grouchy police dog that dreams of a town with more crime? Nothing is what it seems as hometown darling, Maddie Kane, unwittingly discovers in a place where superstitions and the Atchafalaya swamp reign supreme. Maddie's impassioned pleas for police to consider wily Beau Blackthorne, son of the most prominent family in town, as a viable murder suspect, police swiftly rule her fiancé Dwight's death an accident. Nineteen-year-old Dwight Harris, found dead in the swamp, comes back to Boggy in spirit form. He is sure that his death was an accident, but plays up the "Restless Spirit Syndrome" for the Celestial Elders, to buy precious time and be close to his beloved Maddie. Sure that everyone had it wrong, and after being patted on the head and told to go home by the police, an indomitable Maddie picks up her crippled heart and marches herself off to the police academy. With her unconventional police dog, Ebola, by her side, Maddie Kane embarks on a career as a deputy, seeking emotional salvation for herself and justice for her departed love, Dwight. With no chance of having a brilliant career, plucky Deputy Kat Cooney takes the art of doing nothing to new heights. Naïve rookie Deputy Maddie looks to Kat to mentor her, much to the dismay and surprise of those around her. Even jaded Kat isn't prepared for what Maddie unearths when she defies cranky Lieutenant Darnell's orders and shakes up the Blackthorne name, changing Boggy's tranquil reputation forever. It's a wild ride atop Deputy Maddie's motorbike, with her intrepid police dog, Ebola, next to her in his sidecar. Maddie Kane will tickle you, tug at your heart, and take you to the outer limits of your imagination.

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