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The Gospel of Catherine Deare by Mike Colahan

The Gospel of Catherine Deare

Written by: Mike Colahan

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

THE GOSPEL OF CATHERINE GREER is an exploration of God’s relationship with humanity, and the role the Son plays in that exchange. Set at a time of national crisis, it follow the courageous intimate journey of a modern disciple driven by faith and personal tragedy to get close to God.

The Guardian's Playlist by J. Powell Ogden

The Guardian's Playlist

Written by: J. Powell Ogden

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://theguardiansplaylist.com

What if you had a secret so far out there, you knew if you told anyone, you would be labeled a freak forever?  My name is Catherine Forsythe, and God speaks to me through the radio.  Right.  That’s crazy.  I know.  Only sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I think He sends an Angel to play songs for me whenever life gets rough, songs with the perfect lyrics to get me through the day.  Luckily, my life’s been pretty easy—or at least it was until the boy with the sword tattoo showed up on my bus.  He was aloof around everyone else, but around me he turned on this shy grin that just kept me guessing. And despite the rumors about drugs and violence in his past, that grin drew me in.  That’s when everything went to Hell.

Because I don’t just have Angels populating my thoughts, I have demons too. I thought they would stay there until I watched the life of the boy with the tattoo blow up in his face.  Now I think they’re hunting him.  And if that’s true, his only chance for escape lies in facing his past—a past he’ll do almost anything to forget.  I guess it’s up to my Angel and me to help him remember.

The Guardian’s Playlist is the first novel in a new haunted trilogy set in the woods on the west side of Cleveland. 

The Heart of the Sands, Book 3 of The Gods Within by J.L. Doty

The Heart of the Sands, Book 3 of The Gods Within

Written by: J.L. Doty

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.jldoty.com/

Now a Benesh'ere slave, every whiteface in the tribe hungers for Morgin's death. But he is Harriok's property, and while Harriok remains in a coma, a victim of the venom of the sand cat's sixth claw, the warriors wait and bide their time. As Morgin accompanies them on the March, an affinity for steel is slowly awakening within him, and he truly fears the truths his growing knowledge may reveal.

The Hellfire Complex by Michael Ummarino

The Hellfire Complex

Written by: Michael Ummarino

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

The demon spoke to him and ten-year-old Nathan DiSario listened. His actions reignited the debate about Genetians, humans with powers as natural as their eye color, and their place in society. Now, after years hidden away, Nathan has a chance to prove he is not the monster history says he is. New opportunities bring new challenges, however, and the demon once again speaks of freedom and fire.

The Hummingbird Effect: A Journey to Confidence by Bob Danzig

The Hummingbird Effect: A Journey to Confidence

Written by: Bob Danzig

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://bobdanzig.com/

You deserve a confident life. Bob Danzig, who taught The Confidence Course at the University of New York City for seven years, has infused all the key tools to enhance your confidence into a warm, memorable fable – the Hummingbird Effect: A Journey to Confidence.

The Hunt For The USS Hercules by Dennis Porter

The Hunt For The USS Hercules

Written by: Dennis Porter

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.dennisporter.me

As China—Japan—Philippines tensions flare out of control overthe natural resources of the South Pacific, a Japanese-American officer commandeers the Navy’s most powerful sub—the USS Hercules—with its nuclear weapons aboard, and brings it to the aid of Japan. China’s Three Gorges Dam is destroyed. Nuclear missiles fly.

The Improbable Cure by Richard M. Schultz

The Improbable Cure

Written by: Richard M. Schultz

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.improbablecure.com/

Otto Schulhof, the third generation owner of Schulhof Brothers Brewery lost his wife of 34 years to colon cancer. He only has two years to recover before Heinz, his son returns from graduate school to take over the family business. As this time nears, Heinz is diagnosed with the most fatal form of cancer. Otto risks everything... his fame, fortune and even his heritage to save his son

The Interstate 5 Companion by Annasteven

The Interstate 5 Companion

Written by: Annasteven

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

Over a span of nearly twenty years, the author commuted by bus along I-5. The quiet of the morning commute gave way to stories about issues that commanded her attention. The Interstate 5 Companion is an anthology that addresses racism, sex, religion, family, employment, love and death. The book is in the author's natural and unedited voice.

The Jungle Explorers by Samuel and Arianna

The Jungle Explorers

Written by: Samuel and Arianna "Rocket" Valentino

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: www.brattlepublishing.com

A delightful new picture book from author Samuel Valentino and his daughter Rocket, The Jungle Explorers is an adventure about teamwork and helping others. Told with easy-to-read text and beautiful illustrations, this fantasy story follows a brave team of explorers who work together to rid the forest of dangerous monsters.

The Kingdom of the Good People, The Book of Sorcha by Melissa Helm

The Kingdom of the Good People, The Book of Sorcha

Written by: Melissa Helm

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.thekingdomofthegoodpeople.com/

Claire was the fifth daughter of a fifth daughter who spent her summer days alone. Tobas was a faerie with no luck sent on a mission that he wanted no parts of. The faeries of E’lore were being threatened by an ancient enemy and there was “One” who was meant to save them. This “One” was a human. But Fate had a plan, and needed only one night to change everything.

The Lantern, A Renaissance Mystery by Joanne Lewis

The Lantern, A Renaissance Mystery

Written by: Joanne Lewis

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: www.joannelewiswrites.com

In The Lantern, a Renaissance Mystery, a 21st century American woman searches to learn the truth about the 15th century mysterious Italian girl who dared to compete with the most famous artists of the Renaissance.  Across time and space, their lives collide as they battle abuse, disease, fear and prejudice in pursuit of their dreams. Along the way, they intersect with some of the most famous figures of the Renaissance including members of the Medici, Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello and a young Michelangelo.

The Last Canary by R Bruce Walker

The Last Canary

Written by: R Bruce Walker

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.rbrucewalker.com/

The Marcellus Shale contains five hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas. But when Deacon Energy sets out to recover this precious resource, they end up fracturing far more than the gas rich-formations that hold this treasure. They fracture lives, families and a community in a clash that pits environmentalists against opportunists in the high stakes game of securing America’s energy future.

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