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Stranger? Where? by Lorilla Fonda Lehman

Stranger? Where?

Written by: Lorilla Fonda Lehman

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: http://lorillafonda.com/

Stranger? Where? is the second book by author Lorilla Fonda Lehman designed to be used as a tool for dialog between children and adults about child abuse. So often, by the time we warn children of potential abuse someone has already harmed them. This book provides several opportunities for children to interact with their parents and adults and to communicate potential issues in their own way.

Surprised By Love by May Paddock

Surprised By Love

Written by: May Paddock

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

Despite all Joan does to protect & nurture her family, tragedy strikes. Joan’s desire to help leads her from the bohemian lofts of lower New York to the sun-drenched boardwalk of Venice Beach, to a snow-covered chauffeur’s cottage on Boston’s North Shore. She travels to war-weary Nicaragua. Her plan is to be helpful to the people there but instead she learns to protect & nurture herself.

Swimming Monkeys: Exodus (Book Three in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy) by Steve Hadden

Swimming Monkeys: Exodus (Book Three in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy)

Written by: Steve Hadden

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.stevehadden.com

The FBI Wants Them Caught…The Chinese Want Them Dead…One Man Wants them Free...

Ryan Webster is the target of the largest manhunt in history. The most remarkable near-human primates ever uncovered have become his closest friends. Their DNA holds an explosive secret—the key to man’s immortality.

Tess Simmons, mother of two and the highest ranking woman in the FBI, is on Ryan’s trail. She knows his apprehension is her ticket back to her family. At the same time, a Chinese sleeper agent races to find the monkeys first and destroy them and their secret, or the family he loves dies.

 Fleeing into the Southern Sierras with his crazy Uncle Thad, Addy Martin, the deadliest woman he’s ever loved, and Davy Jones, the only human to double his lifespan with the monkeys’ secrets, Ryan gets an unsettling call. Deep in the Amazon, just outside the burned out impact crater that once was their home, the world’s leading anthropologist has found their parents—alive. He’s willing to risk his illustrious career with a promise to conceal his discovery on one condition—Ryan must accept a deadly quest and give up everything to get his friends home.

Swimming Monkeys: Exodus is a gripping thriller about one man’s commitment to a promise and his choice between family and immortality.

Swimming Monkeys: Genesis (Book 1 in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy) by Steve Hadden

Swimming Monkeys: Genesis (Book 1 in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy)

Written by: Steve Hadden

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.stevehadden.com/

An Impossible Promise…A Remarkable Discovery…A Decision for Mankind…

When Ryan Webster is summoned to a Miami hospice by his dying grandfather, he knows his hero’s life is about to end. A renowned zoologist and founder of the world’s most famous primate park, his grandfather tells Ryan about a remarkable species of monkey kept secret by the Webster men since their discovery in 1926, the year after the Scopes Monkey Trial. Ryan makes an impossible promise when he’s told he has a unique gift and agrees that only he can save them and decide if the world is now ready to deal with the fallout from their revelation.

As Ryan follows his grandfather’s clues to California and beyond, he’s tracked by a relentless mercenary, targeted by radical Christians and hunted by the world’s most famous atheist. Aided by his crazy Iraqi War veteran turned surfer-dude uncle and the most enchanting but deadly woman he’s ever met, Ryan discovers the monkeys can do much more than swim, and he learns their revelation will shock evolutionist, rock the foundation of the Bible and transform the life of every human being on earth.

Now, his only hope to stay alive is to save the monkeys and live up to his promise to the greatest man he ever knew—and in the process become the man he’s not ready to be.

Swimming Monkeys: Genesis is an extraordinary thriller that blends real-science and riveting fiction to examine the on-going struggle between science and religion and the fallout that could affect us all.

Swimming Monkeys: Revelation (Book 2 in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy) by Steve Hadden

Swimming Monkeys: Revelation (Book 2 in the Swimming Monkeys Trilogy)

Written by: Steve Hadden

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.stevehadden.com/

A Shocking Revelation… The Government’s Worst Nightmare…An Impossible Rescue…

Ryan Webster, a champion swimmer turned fugitive, has kept the promise he’d made to his dying grandfather and rescued a new species of monkey from their burned out home in the Amazon jungle. But the explosive secret they carry is about to be exposed. It’s a secret that the President of the United States doesn’t want revealed. Recruited by the government to confirm their worst fears, the country’s top geneticist is obsessed with securing his own immortality and will do anything to achieve that goal.

Trapped in the custody of a relentless FBI agent chosen to lead the government’s cover-up, Ryan must find a way to rescue the monkeys he’s promised to protect, before they suffer unthinkable torture in the name of mankind.

Swimming Monkeys: Revelation extrapolates the explosive potential within the human genome into a powerful and entertaining thriller about a young man’s commitment and the thin line between right and wrong.

Taking a Chance / A Racer’s Widow Story by Aly Grady

Taking a Chance / A Racer’s Widow Story

Written by: Aly Grady

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.alygrady.com/

Chance Sinclair works as a race engineer. His work is fast and exciting. Camryn Green is a single parent who works hard and doesn't have time for watching a car race. Chance invites Cam to see his world of racing. She invites him to her workplace. Who will win the battle of the better job? It might not matter in the end when they realize they have each other’s heart.

Taming the Black Dog of Depression by Robert Kramer

Taming the Black Dog of Depression

Written by: Robert Kramer

Available In: eBook

Author Website: mailto:keynoteman@keynoteman.com

This is my story of how I tamed what Winston Churchill referred to as his “BLACK DOG” of depression. It was written just for you. You have either suffered from episodes of depression, perhaps mild, or maybe paralyzing, if not you know someone who is currently suffering. This book will help you understand the illness and the best way to provide support for your friend or relative.

TAP RACK BANG - A Ben Blackshaw Novel by Robert Blake Whitehill

TAP RACK BANG - A Ben Blackshaw Novel

Written by: Robert Blake Whitehill

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://robertblakewhitehill.com/

A midnight intruder begs former Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw to save a young girl from human traffickers scheming to deal with their prisoners in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Blackshaw stalks in toward the truth, realizing that only extermination of these of butchers can free the girl and shut the slaughterhouse down. The final cost of the rescue will be too devastating for Blackshaw to bear.

Tea and Transition by Nicola Jane Chase

Tea and Transition

Written by: Nicola Jane Chase

Available In: eBook|Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.nicolajanechase.com

Nobody anticipated a change from heterosexual man to heterosexual woman—least of all the author herself. He or she? Reactions amaze in unexpected ways. Pesky pronouns, inverted friendships and dating debacles test her spirit yet her wonderful British humor never dims. A globetrotting, funny, and uniquely personal story of change and the human spirit, love, family, and how one man became one woman.

The 13th Man by J.L. Doty

The 13th Man

Written by: J.L. Doty

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.jldoty.com

Charlie Cass returns from five years in a squalid POW camp to find the nine Dukes and the King conspiring against each other, and plotting with Charlie's old enemies. As interstellar war looms, he's forced to assume the mantle of the thirteenth Duke de Lunis, who, according to legend, is destined to fall beneath the headsman's ax. But if he can survive the headsman, all may fall before him.

The ABC's of Homeschooling by Laura Ann Huber

The ABC's of Homeschooling

Written by: Laura Ann Huber

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.laurahuber.com/

If you’ve ever wished for an instruction booklet on educating your children at home, The ABC’s of Home Schooling, was designed for you. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned an important principle necessary for teaching your children in the comforts of your home. This book will give you the courage and the confidence you need to start home schooling your child today.

The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb - In the Forest (Volume 1) by Art Collins

The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb - In the Forest (Volume 1)

Written by: Art Collins

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: www.TheAJAdventures.com

The first book in the series begins when Archibald and Jockabeb sneak out of their house at midnight to hunt for a secret cave that was marked on an old map they’d found earlier in the day. The two brothers, who are twelve and eleven, end up finding and entering the secluded cave hidden deep within an eerie forest. After the boys descend a stone staircase, they discover a subterranean lake where an underwater dragon lives. The underwater dragon is actually a young Indian brave, Haktu, who many years before was transformed into the dragon by four evil warriors of the Black Raven Tribe. After Archibald repeats the magic words, “Nito, Vito, Samu,” Haktu is returned to his natural body. The three young boys then run for their lives when they are chased by flying wolf-crows that are part snarling wolf and part giant black crow. This initial encounter begins Archibald’s and Jockabeb’s first amazing adventure—an incredible adventure that spans the next year. During that time, the two brothers become reacquainted with Haktu after they along with their younger sister, Tess, find his lost pony, Uno. Still pursued by the deadly wolf-crows, the boys learn more about Haktu’s family, including the details of how he was captured by the Black Raven warriors. When Haktu finally says good-bye, he gives Archibald a magic blue feather. The blue feather plays an important role in subsequent books as Archibald and Jockabeb find themselves in one life-threatening predicament after another. While the settings change from book to book, the two brothers always meet fascinating characters—some good, and some evil; some human, and some anything but; some from this world, and some otherworldly beyond belief. As the boys grow older and travel across the United States, and to faraway places like the Amazon, the Caribbean, the Arctic, and the Orient, they learn the true meaning of friendship. The reader also learns interesting facts about the various places Archibald and Jockabeb visit, while witnessing the classic battle between the forces of good and evil play out in different ways.

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