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Risen II – The Progeny by Krystal Lawrence

Risen II – The Progeny

Written by: Krystal Lawrence

Available In: eBook|Hardcover

Author Website: www.darksidestories.com

Francis Barclay, the vengeful and bloodthirsty vampire back from the dead after 200 years in Risen, has once again returned from the ashes. He has come to save his vampire child –– and this time he is not alone! Seven year-old Lorna has inherited Barclay’s glowing eyes, as well as his taste for blood. Alder Lake is once again plagued by murder. Only this time, the suspect will surprise everyone!

Roan: The Tales of Conor Archer by E.R. Barr

Roan: The Tales of Conor Archer

Written by: E.R. Barr

Author Website: http://www.erbarr.com/

Winner of 11 book awards!  The 'dark ones' are children born with strange powers only to lose their gifts in adolescence. Conor Archer comes to town, dying from a fever which makes him into something more than human. The Roan, Celtic shapeshifters inhabiting the burial Mound down by the River, try to claim him. Myth and science go to war as Conor finds his little town the center of a battle for humanity's soul.

Romance For Men: Pandora's Box by Jack Icefloe Jackson

Romance For Men: Pandora's Box

Written by: Jack Icefloe Jackson

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.jackicefloejackson.com/

HOLLYWOOD IS RAVING ABOUT ROMANCE FOR MEN!! DENIS LEARY: “I laughed my a** off.” ROBIN WILLIAMS: “Wildly funny.” HOWIE MANDEL: “This is hysterical!” DAMON WAYANS: “It’s fart-out-loud funny!” DAVID SPADE: “Hilarious.” SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: “It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!” Sick, twisted and profane, Jack Icefloe Jackson is America’s newest hero!

RONIN OF THE SEAS: On Pirate Shores  by Stephen L. Smith

RONIN OF THE SEAS: On Pirate Shores

Written by: Stephen L. Smith

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

1718 – The pirate sloop Sweet Alice captures a French slave ship, unaware that she carries a fortune in gold. Quartermaster Esau Jessup and Gentleman Davy Fletcher, Alice’s self-destructive captain, rescue indentured servant May Meehan from Blackbeard Teach. Esau decides to give up piracy; Davy needs him to further his own dark ends. Their final confrontation changes the fate of empires.

Rule 14 by William Blackwell

Rule 14

Written by: William Blackwell

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.wblackwell.com/

A financially-troubled family escapes the stress of city life and rents a cheaper home in the secluded countryside. Paradise rapidly transforms into a living hell as the strange landlords begin stalking them and uttering death threats. This chilling exploration of the fight-or-flight response ushers you inside the minds of those who process information through a twisted and psychotic lens.



Written by: Kenneth James Taylor

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.kennethjamestaylor.com/

Molly McCracken’s husband does not return from the war. She flees unprepared with her beloved sister from the onslaught of the 1836 invasion of Texas. Along the boggy road to safety her friends and neighbors bury their loved ones where they fall. Attempting to save her niece, she risks it all and fails. Her life spins out of control and her survival becomes uncertain until a Ranger tries to help.

Rust and Salt by Evan Brandon Bruno

Rust and Salt

Written by: Evan Brandon Bruno

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

A team of mercenaries is offered the ultimate job: rescue injured angels from another dimension. If they accept, what side will each ultimately choose?

Sam O'Reilly and the Dream Catchers by Tony Worden

Sam O'Reilly and the Dream Catchers

Written by: Tony Worden

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.samoriley.com/

Sam O'Riley is by all accounts a typical middle-schooler living in the City of Big Shoulders, Chicago. He has never met a ghost. He's never prowled around graveyards, been chased by killer clowns, or soared without wings. But all that is about to change when he closes his eyes one night . . . when he discovers what lies behind each of us when we dream . . . when he finds the Dream Catchers.

Sans Souci - French for Without Worry by Billie Bierer

Sans Souci - French for Without Worry

Written by: Billie Bierer

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: http://www.billiebierer.com/

Jacqueline Roget is a French/American widow who is afraid to fall in love. Even after meeting the most desirable highway patrolman she’s ever seen. Forgotten is the ticket he gives her for speeding. She has three precocious children, two of which are constantly fixing her up with undesirables and one who wants nothing to do with any new man in their lives. Then Grandmere and Grandpere show up from Canada and before she knows it, Jacqueline has more trouble on her hands because Grandmere has invited an old, rich friend along thinking that Jacqueline needs stability. Like Juan Claude has ever been stable. Oh, yes he has a stable − of women. But suddenly Juan Claude is in love with Jacqueline’s maid and she can’t think of anything but the patrolman, Ben Perez. If only she wasn’t so afraid of falling in love.

Saving Rachel by John Locke

Saving Rachel

Written by: John Locke

Available In: eBook|Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.SavingRachel.com/

What if the best morning of your life suddenly turned into your worst nightmare? Sam Case is about to find out. Saving Rachel is the story of what happens when killers force a man to choose between his wife and his mistress...and the one he rejects must die. “If Dean Koontz collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock at the circus, this would be their brain child.” –Vintage DM Book Reviews

Saving Sindia, Book 10 by Peggy Edelheit

Saving Sindia, Book 10

Written by: Peggy Edelheit

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://samanthajamison.com/

Instead of a calm self-perspective of writing in her personal journal, Samantha is drawn in by a handsome stranger into an historical mystery involving a young woman and an unsolved ship’s mystery involving millions in buried treasure in Ocean City.

Scandal by Gwen Davis


Written by: Gwen Davis

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

A racy, engaging tale of the public’s obsession with Celebrity. Set in a 5-star Hollywood hotel, Scandal is a delicious guessing game—who are the characters, really?

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