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Lethal People by John Locke

Lethal People

Written by: John Locke

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.lethalbooks.com/

Donovan Creed, a former CIA assassin, is a very tough man with a weakness for very easy women. Meet him in LETHAL PEOPLE a relentlessly entertaining crime novel that's often LOL - bizarre funny! The action is fast and furious, the dialogue smart, savvy and sexy. The story is filled with quirky characters and clever surprises.

Live Life on Purpose: From Discovery to Practice by Samuel L. Jones

Live Life on Purpose: From Discovery to Practice

Written by: Samuel L. Jones

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.drsamueljones.com

Live Life on Purpose: From Discovery to Practice will help you release your secret purpose by applying these strategies to discover, define and practice your purpose in life. Don’t leave success (in life, business, and relationships) to chance! This book is a great tool to help you discover, define and live life on purpose!

Lockbox 436 (Letters from my Father) by John Graham, Sr. and Todd Doyle

Lockbox 436 (Letters from my Father)

Written by: John Graham, Sr. and Todd Doyle

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

Daniel Irving is given a key. This key opens a bank lockbox that contains 9 letters from his father, his only inheritance. These letters lay bare the wisdom & history of David Irving, a wealthy & prosperous writer. As Daniel learns of his father's childhood & The Old Man he discovers a tradition of values & principles that become his legagy.

London for Christmas & New Year 2011 by Margaret Webster

London for Christmas & New Year 2011

Written by: Margaret Webster

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.londonmicroguides.com/

Are you considering visiting London for Christmas or New Year? Would you like to find out about its festive activities, special events, seasonal shopping and celebrations so that you can organise your holiday? With this guidebook, planning your Christmas & New Year in London is simple and easy.

Long Gone by Thomas Bryant

Long Gone

Written by: Thomas Bryant

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://sammypage.com/

In LONG GONE, you see through the eyes and into the criminal mind of Sammy Page, a loving husband and dedicated father,who is being torn between two worlds. His efforts to become an honest man are met with disaster when he is caught on a surveillance tape at the scene of a crime, where a husband-and-wife have been brutally murdered.

Looking For Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook by Leon A Weinstein

Looking For Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook

Written by: Leon A Weinstein

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.leonweinstein.com/

An action-adventure set on a mysterious archipelago. A teenager from the US and a beautiful girl from the islands face adventures ranging from fighting in a gladiator’s arena to manipulating a population of an island through TV broadcasts, to building a sail boat and wining a World Cup. They are looking for their lost friend and encounter kings, tyrants, killers and community.

Lost Angels by Douglas Myers

Lost Angels

Written by: Douglas Myers

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

Perched at ten thousand feet on the side of Mt. Shasta, Jake Trevallion meditates over his life in Montana, his adventures with friends in Los Angeles, a burgeoning brewery business, the woman he loves but cannot have, and the ultimate sacrifice one person makes. But with a brutal storm bearing down on the mountain, it may be too late for Jake to realize his dream.



Written by: W. W. Whitten

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.wwwhitten.com/

In 1492, the Pinta abandoned its fleet for 46 days. Over five centuries later, the truth of that voyage threatens to rewrite history and to change the future. Two brothers are caught between an organization devoted to keeping, and one bent on revealing its secret to the world. Garron and Jacob follow clues on ancient documents in their pursuit of the truth behind the Lost Days of the Pinta.

Maddie Kane by Patricia Zoratti

Maddie Kane

Written by: Patricia Zoratti

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

Where folks marry 'til death do them part, and the sugary aroma of pralines faintly hangs in the air, lays a remote Louisiana parish called Boggy. Evil? A romantic spirit? A garrulous, grouchy police dog that dreams of a town with more crime? Nothing is what it seems as hometown darling, Maddie Kane, unwittingly discovers in a place where superstitions and the Atchafalaya swamp reign supreme.

Make Your Own Luck, A Remy Summer Woods Mystery by Joanne Lewis

Make Your Own Luck, A Remy Summer Woods Mystery

Written by: Joanne Lewis

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.joannelewiswrites.com/

Make Your Own Luck, a Remy Summer Woods mystery, is the unforgettable novel of a young attorney who refuses to believe thirteen-year-old Bonita killed her father, Patrick Pickney. Remy risks her relationship with her own father and her life to prove Bonita’s innocence. Along with learning what really happened the night Patrick was murdered, Remy discovers hard truths about her family and herself.

Mandarin Yellow by Steven M. Roth

Mandarin Yellow

Written by: Steven M. Roth

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.stevenmroth.com

Why would a burglar break into a Washington, DC art gallery and steal an historic fountain pen worth $2200, but leave behind other art and cultural objects worth tens of thousands of dollars each? And why would someone else later commit murder to protect the burglar’s secret?

These are some of the questions that confront Socrates Cheng — an American of Chinese and Greek heritage — in Steven M. Roth’s intricate murder mystery — Mandarin Yellow — as Socrates investigates the burglary and attempts to recover the pen, all in an effort to curry favor with his lover’s estranged father who is the leader of a Washington and Shanghai based criminal Triad.

In a search that takes him from Georgetown to Chinatown and elsewhere in Washington, Socrates finds himself threatened, physically assaulted, suspected of having committed murder, jailed for a time, and constantly confronted by conflicts arising out of his three disparate cultures. Yet he is neither daunted nor deterred by these obstacles. Instead, Socrates draws upon his deep knowledge of vintage fountain pens, Chinese history, and the Mandarin language to puzzle out the complex motives behind the burglary and murders, until he finally uncovers the identities of the criminals and makes a discovery that forever changes his life and the lives of everyone else involved.

Mandarin Yellow involves ethnic and cultural conflict, forbidden love, friendships sustained and friendships lost, and the ever present and sometimes deadly immutable law of unintended consequences. 

Mandarin Yellow is an intelligent mystery that sometimes is funny and sometimes sad, occasionally is irreverent, and always is suspenseful. Mandarin Yellow will appeal to readers of modern noir murder mysteries, to collectors of vintage fountain pens, and to people interested in the culture and history of 20th century China and in the Chinese experience in modern America.

Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane

Masks of the Lost Kings

Written by: Tom Bane

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.tombane.com/

Following the sudden disappearance of treasure hunter Ben Sanders in Mexico, beautiful archaeologist Suzy da Silva is snatched from the cloistered environs of Oxford University and thrust into a deadly maelstrom of intrigue and discovery.

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