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ARCHANGEL CLEARINGS®: A Manual to Release Unwanted Energies by Diana Burney

ARCHANGEL CLEARINGS®: A Manual to Release Unwanted Energies

Written by: Diana Burney

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: www.earthrelease.com

Diana Burney continues to empower the reader through her teachings. This time by distilling her research, developed over 28-years, into a cornucopia of wisdom and practices in a concise manual-style book. Cogently written and accessible to novice and expert alike, she provides comprehensive, step-by-step information on the process of spiritual clearing. Arriving at a critical point in the development of a mass collective evolution of consciousness, we learn how to clear our spaces, and those of others, of disharmonious and negative energy and how to sustain a practice that allows the clearing, and our evolution, to endure. The overwhelming good of this book is that it provides valuable, detailed instruction for reaching beyond the ego as a central and guiding principle of life. It is a wonderful gift to the world of energy practitioners, healers, and those on a spiritual path and is a must-read book.

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