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Medals and Ribbons of the United States Air Force by Col. Frank C. Foster (U.S. Army retired)

Medals and Ribbons of the United States Air Force

Written by: Col. Frank C. Foster (U.S. Army retired)

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: www.moapress.com

The first completely detailed and lavishly illustrated Guide to all of the medals and ribbons of the United States Air Force since its beginning in 1914. The history of United States Air Force awards is beautifully displayed over the last 100 years with all of the awards shown in their correct order to include how they are worn on the Air Force uniform or by veterans. The criteria, history and symbolism of every medal and ribbon is presented in every form to include the any devices or attachments awarded with the medal. Displays of Air Force veterans medals are beautifully presented in a series of handsome framed cases along with an easy guide for families of veterans to determine the military awards earned for each major conflict or campaign. Other chapters explain how to claim military awards, the correct order to display awards and even sections dealing with commonly awarded foreign medals, NATO and United Nations medals. Without a doubt the most complete, well organized and entertaining book ever published on Air Force awards. Certainly a prized book of Air Force honors and how they are displayed and worn that every Air Force veteran and their family should have.

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