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White Cloud and the Golden Canyon by Geoff Collins

White Cloud and the Golden Canyon

Written by: Geoff Collins

Available In: Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: www.whitecloudandthegoldencanyon.com

White Cloud and the Golden Canyon is a story about a young Lakota brave who sets out on a dangerous journey into the wilderness in search of the mystical Golden Canyon and his true animal spirit.  On his journey, he encounters three animal journey guides: Silver Wolf, Sky Bird, and Wind Runner.  These journey guides protect White Cloud and give his wisdom and guidance as he searches for his true animal spirit. 

Life spirit animals or totems carry meaning, wisdom, and power. A person’s life spirit animal is one who, through its own unique characteristics, will teach them important lessons as they travel through life.

Finding your life spirit animal is like a going on a journey. In Native American cultures, as in many cultures of the world, this journey is called a “vision quest.”

This is a story of a young Native American brave who finds the strength, courage, and wisdom to follow his dream of finding his true animal spirit and taking his rightful place among the men of his tribe.

This book is filled with beautiful color illustrations.

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