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The Rain of Blood (The Champions of Zairon Book 2) by S.P. Kumar

The Rain of Blood (The Champions of Zairon Book 2)

Written by: S.P. Kumar

Available In: eBook|Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: www.SPKumarbooks.com

S. P. Kumar's second novel will not disappoint readers who enjoyed Cave of Mystic Dreams. In Rain of Blood, the second book in The Champions of Zairon trilogy, Kumar continues to weave magical and creative plots that traverse parallel worlds. As the young protagonists navigate an even more complex challenge than their first, we are immediately drawn back into their mystical reality.

Middle-school readers and fantasy fans of all ages will delight in watching Claire, Jason, and Zac navigate a new quest—one that draws on their intelligence, determination, and wit. Kumar continues to explore themes of friendship and morality, as her characters encounter dilemmas and tasks that require even more grit and resilience than those they encountered in the first book of the trilogy.

Kumar’s carefully wrought sentences and powerful dialogue draw us into her story and help connect us to the intricacies of the plot. The main characters are more mature, and so is Kumar’s writing. While her natural storytelling ability was established with her first book, she solidifies it with Rain of Blood.

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