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The Crystal Trident: An Archer Adventure Book I by Katharine Giles

The Crystal Trident: An Archer Adventure Book I

Written by: Katharine Giles

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.thearcheradventures.com/

After the loss of his parents, 14-year old Archer is thrown through a portal into the parallel world of the immortals by a killer wave. He awakes beneath the sea with no memory of his past. Myra, the mermaid convinces him he didn’t drown because the collar she placed around his neck lets him live in this underwater world. Archer learns the immortals rescued him because they need his help. Chion, Ruler of the Frozen Sea, has stolen their crystal trident and only an air breather from the outside world can get it back. With an Ichonaut escort he begins the dangerous journey to Coriana, the home of Quintar, the largest sea dragon in the immortals’ world. On the way to Coriana, the Ichonauts teach Archer how to unlock the powers in the collar Myra gave him. With the Ichonauts’ help, Archer uses his newfound skills to foil attacks by Chion’s minions and get them through the maze in the Sea Dragon Caves. After his return from Coriana, a traumatic dream restores his memory. Unable to face the pain of the loss of his parents, Archer stays with his new Ichonaut friends in this fascinating new world.

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