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The Audacity of Patience Levi by Billie Bierer

The Audacity of Patience Levi

Written by: Billie Bierer

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.billiebierer.com/

In 1869 inside a dirty shack on the outskirts of Last Chance Georgia, Patience Levi screams at her mother and begs for defense against the man that stands, zipping up his trousers and laughing at her. Yet, somewhere deep inside of this child blooms the mettle to survive the life she’s been born to. After hearing of her granddaughter’s abuse, Patience’s Grandmammy rescues her — to a virtual “servitude” to the prominent white people of the community. Then, the rough encounter with a black boy — bent on revenge against Patience — threatens her fragile new life. Patience becomes skilled with a knife in her effort to survive. She knows she must get away from Last Chance. Fortunately, or not, her Grandmammy decides Patience can only find real freedom in a new land, thus, Grandmammy gains Patience a place with a wagon train heading west.

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