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Betrayed by R.P. McCabe


Written by: R.P. McCabe

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.novelistrpmccabe.com/

In a time of global political upheaval comes the crime thriller novel, Betrayed. The primary complication in this action packed novel of retribution and suspense is a real Ponzi scheme that was uncovered in 2007 as the Bernard Madoff Ponzi crime was breaking on the national scene. With refreshingly honest and raw insight, R.P. McCabe explores a broad spectrum of social ills resulting from the contemporary tragedy of Ponzi crime and the subsequent collapse suffered by hundreds of thousands of American families. Yet, in the face of the impending certainty of grave retribution that is imminent, Mr. McCabe manages to entertain and inform his readers. This thriller is a hallmark story of our times filled with suspense and action that creeps up on you just as the psychosis that is consuming Wally Stroud threatens to replace the man he thought himself to be. Victims of Ponzi crime around the world will relate to the tragedy suffered when Wally and Poppy Stroud are betrayed in this story of heartbreaking loss and retribution.

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